Here are some links that contain more detailed information and discussions regarding the different ways to secure your home computer. A copy of this document can be obtained at

Google Security Guidelines

Yahoo! Security Guidelines

Microsoft Security Site

Password Length and Password Cracking

Google Two-Step Verification

Introduction/Getting Started -

How To Sign In -

Passwords and Codes -

Common Issues -

YubiKey Two-Factor Verification

Basic Information -

Technical Information -

LastPass and YubiKey -

YubiKey Setup - (Site will not work internally)

LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Download -

LastPass Security -

Where LastPass Stores Data Locally -

LastPass Portable -

LastPass Sentry -

Miscellaneous Information About LastPass





KeePass Password Manager

KeePass Download - (KeePass Professional Recommended)

KeePass Plugins -

Mini KeePass Importing/Exporting -

Trusteer Rapport Client

Trusteer Rapport Client -

Trusteer Partners -

Review of Trusteer Rapport -


K9 -

Download -

Documentation -


Opendns familyshield -

Opendns pc configurations -

Opendns router configurations -